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"AIDC is one of the leading manufacturer of Industrial Diamonds from the Natural Diamonds. The company is a comprehensive supplier of superabrasive products such as : Natural & Synthetic Industrial diamond Drits, Powder, and Natural & Raw Processed Stones for specialized tools. They use latest technology for processing, selecting & grading in there plant for all kinds of Industrial Diamonds.
AIDC Diamond Tools Pvt. Ltd.concerned with new 18 products namely:
1. Precious Stones   2. Extraordinary Diamonds   3.Polish Diamonds   4. Rough Diamonds   .Process Diamonds   6. Natural Diamond Powder    7. Synthetic Diamond Powder  8. Semi Precious Stones  9.Pearls  10. Jewellery  11. Diamond Tools  12.CVD: "Chemical Vapor Deposition" 13.PCD: "Polycrystalline Diamond"   14 .CBN: "Cubin Boron Nitride"   15.CZ: "Cubic Zirconia"   16.AD: "American Diamond"   17 .Abrasive/Metal Powder 18. Diamond Paste & Slurry, etc. Also Accessories of all the above products.

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You have features for quick diamond search as far colour, shape,size,carat,price,make,certificate clarity,call, chat , sale